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Mysore airport, FEMD, Navilaadavaru and IIMB Vista 2010: Random Updates

This post is a collection of 5 updates/news…

1. Mysore Airport to be operational from Oct 1: News is in that Mysore airport will be inaugurated by Karnataka CM BS Yadiyurappa on October 1st, 2010 and Kingfisher Red will commence its Mysore-Bangalore-Chennai flight service. (IT2407, Rs 2002, departure 1420, ETA 1510- this timing is not suitable for those travelling to Blr for a day’s work though)

While it is indeed a welcome news, would you really consider flying from Mysore to Bangalore? 1 hour pre departure check in time, 50 min flight, 2 hours to reach from Blr airport to home…Will be more convenient to catch a bus. (at the cost of a Vayu Vajra ticket fare from BIAL to Jayanagar, you can get Mysore-Bangalore ordinary bus ticket). Though this is true, the service might cater to international tourists who prefer air, Infosys officials who prefer air travel and those travelling between Chennai and Mysore.

On the other hand, if you’re staying near Kengeri, it might make more sense to go to Mysore and board a flight to your destination, than travelling to BIAL. Mysore airport can also serve as backup for Blr.

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2. Ford Endeavour Media Drive (FEMD) and Ford India drive- Most of the cars I’ve been renting of late on Self drive have been Ford makes. Fiesta and Endeavour to be specific, hence I’m developing a liking for this brand. Ford has been organizing a media drive whenever they launch a new variant of Endeavour. Last year they had it in Himalayas, this year in Goa. I wasn’t invited, but good to know all car companies are doing activities involving bloggers and media.

Ford Figo on the other hand has launched Ford Figo India drive, wherein 4 newly wed couples will be given a chance to drive Figo from Chandigarh to Chennai (1 week per couple), fairly similar to Tata Nano superdrive for which I’d contributed as Official Blogger.

Right: A pic of Ford endeavour, from one of my recent self drive trips. Related posts: Ford Endeavour XLT 2.5 MT Review * Ford Figo Review * Self Drive cars * Tata Nano Superdrive * SUVs from Toyota 

3 Naviladavaru: A Kannada movie made in a budget of 35k: Our classmate BM Giriraj and team has produced an entire movie in a budget of 35k. Titled Naviladavaru, movie was screened last week. A screening and interaction with film crew has been facilitated by samvada team in Bengaluru on October 2nd. The movie is videographed using a borrowed DSLR, lots of Giri’s students had agreed to act for free, lighting is done using table lamps and so on. The 3 songs, 75min movie story is centred around terrorism. BM Giriraj also has worked as Associate Director in another Kannada movie called Moggina Manassu.

Unfortunately public screening of the film has become a challenge. To get the censor certificate Giriraj has to become a member of the Producers’ Association which will cost Rs 50,000.
Also read Navilaadavaru movie review in Kannada by Raveeshkumar

4. IIMB presents Vista 2010
PGSEM students at IIMB are organizing exclusive corporate events named Vista Corporate Evening on 2nd Oct 2010. Events planned include a corporate quiz exclusively for the corporates and 2 business plan case competitions (one sponsored by Yahoo! and the other by Nokia). You might wish to participate in the corporate quiz  or other contests.

5. Blogbharti about to die down?
Looks like community managed blog aggregator sites are dying down slowly. Recently Desipundit was shutdown, and now blogbharti is showing similar signs (no updates since Aug 8). Few years ago it was a matter of prestige and good source of traffic, if one's posts get listed on Desipundit or Blogbharti. Its editors would hand pick quality posts from all over and promote them. May be editors are not having time/motive to do it anymore or may be facebook and twitter are taking a toll on these sites. Good to note that Blogaddda, Indiblogger and few other communities continue to add value

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