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Random Thoughts and Updates

This post lists a few random thoughts and updates…
0: Long Live Google wave: sad to see Google closing Wave... It was a nice platform, but its success was limited by 2 factors- need for a separate login and by invitation only... If I need to collaborate something with a few people on Wave, its important that all of them are accessible on wave- If they don't have an invite or haven't loggedin, collaboration will be a failure. If this was integrated within Gmail, I believe things would have been different...

1. Life Span of Sony Digicam batteries: My hitherto perfect 2 year old Sony H50 batteries are showing signs of sickness. Camera shows an error “for use with genuine battery only” and shuts down after some time. Couldn’t figure out what’s the expected life span of such batteries. Any clues?

2. Satyam Scam: 20 months since the outbreak, no updates on the status of investigations. No interim reports, no renewed deadlines, no audited/unaudited financial results. All accused are out of jail on bail. Govt investigators are probably on a world tour at taxpayers expense, under the pretext of probing Raju’s assets overseas (in about 64 countries to be precise- can be a life time tour since they’ll have to probe for possible assets in all popular tourist destinations.

3. Withdrawing Recommendations on petrocard: In an earlier post I’d recommended BPCL’s petrocard, but would like to withdraw the same. BPCL has changed policy under which card will get blocked if not used for a month. Probably a security feature but some of us may not be so regular to go to BPCL outlet every month, just to keep the card active. Reactivation process is almost non existent and emails fetch no response.

4. Live Blogging Connect 2010: Had 2 days of action packed event at Chennai. Connect2010 is TN version of Bangalore IT.biz Blog posts and details can be found here at connect2010.in/blog (2020: now gone)

Above: Bloggers and Volunteers at CII Connect 2010

5. Ford Endeavour beckons: Avis is renting out Ford Endeavours at fairly affordable rates and I’m tempted to rent it again…Under 3000 Rs a day…

6. In yet another development which proves that social media is being taken seriously by companies, Kiruba Shankar is flying to South Africa to live tweet the Champions League. He won this opportunity by mobilizing maximum number of people to vote for him. I am sure we can expect more such contests in future which target bloggers, twitter and fb users, with a mission of gaining lots of social media mileage.

7. Blockberry Update: Good to see Govt's concerns over not being able to intercept blackberry communications, but wonder if they're monitoring all other mediums (Pvt msgs in internet forums, chat rooms etc) effectively

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