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Why we never see Go Fast sign and other Questions

This post simply asks a series of questions I have in my mind. If you have answers/comment do comment or else, do like/share this post, so that other internet users might be able to take note and put in their ideas.
1 We often see “Go Slow” sign, which means that drivers should reduce the speed. But speed being relative sign board needs to be specific to what speed one should come down to and most importantly for how long. Am I supposed to “Go Slow” for rest of the journey? Shouldn’t the signage be specific like “Go slow for next 2 kms” or “Go slow till you cross the school”? Why is that we never see an “Ok, enough of slow driving, you can speed up now” or “Go Fast” sign? 

2 Another similar thing is security agencies “Beefing UP” security at airports and other place after a terror incident. Given the fact that they had “Beefed UP” security sometime back, I am more interested in knowing when did they “Beefed down” the security. Shouldn’t that be announced as well? Or are they reaching new scale of security preparedness with every beef up? Doesn’t look like, because if that were to be true, the beefed up places should be like impregnable fortresses by now

3. Travel advisories: After every terror incident US UK and other embassies issue “Travel advisory” to their citizen, alerting them about security concerns. While I appreciate their concerns towards their people, I am just curious to know if their advisory carries any expiry date. Or do they issue advisory stating “it’s safe to travel to India now” after sometime?

Just thinking… Got more thoughts like this? Got any answers? Do comment


  1. Q1: Ask yourself if you ever drive slow. Invariably in most of the cases the answer is NO. Hence the sign GO SLOW. It is rather a reminder that you are supposed on the road and not above it..
    I will leave the other questions for others to answer..


  2. @speed
    probably they wants us always to go slow and safe.hence they prevent reminding us 'go fast'


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