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KL Tower, Menara Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We couldn’t get tickets to go to top of Petronas Twin towers, so our compensation was to try climbing up the KL tower. Menara Kuala Lumpur as it is called, KL tower is built for housing communications equipments, but a part of it is open for tourists.

KL Tower was visible from KLCC and we assessed if we can walk all the way. Walking appeared time consuming, so we took a bus that was heading in the direction of KL tower. Bus driver dropped us at Bukit Nanas monorail station and went in a different direction. From here KL tower was so close and appeared to be just on the other side of a big compound. But that was not going to be. As we tried to figure out how to reach the entrance of Minara Kuala Lumpur, we ended up walking about 2-3 kms from Bukit Nanas, taking a circular path.

Fortunately, from the main entrance free shuttle service was available, which saved us another 2 kms of uphill walking. Once inside we bought entry tickets to go on top, which came at RM 45 per adult and included a freebie (tourists can use either of F1 racing simulator, horse ride or visit an animal park for free)

We got into a lift which took us to a height of 250 meters in few minutes. (this lift is not as fast as Twin tower lift) We ended up in Observatory deck, which gave nice view of the city. There is a revolving restaurant on top of observation deck, but that was closed for renovation, we were told.

 Below: Tourist entrance area in Menara KL.

 Observe the architecture of KL tower
Below are couple of photos how Kuala Lumpur city appears from the observation deck of KL Tower or Menara Kuala Lumpur
Observation deck has few telescopes for closer view, few shops that sell souvenirs and stuff. Observation deck being circular, one gets to view city from all sides. After spending about 30 minutes we came down. 

At the basement, we saw a video which explained the construction of Menara Kuala Lumpur. Its construction began on 4th October 1991 and completed in 1995. The building is built for housing communication equipments There’re few other attractions around the base of KL tower, which I will cover in separate post.

Petronas Twin tower is visible from KL tower, but from a side profile. We could see our hotel (Grand Seasons) and get close view of many other hotels & high rise buildings. I tried to figure out if we can see Hilton and Le Meridian, which is located adjacent to each other, right next to KL Sentral, but I couldn't locate them.

Should try the below hotel next time... Boor marketing/branding by these hotel owners- they should have displayed their name on the rear so that people from KL tower can see it.

 KL Tower is located in the middle of a big green park, which is a plus point.


  1. Could you go there near sunset time? Just wondering that the light would be very good to click the pictures.

  2. Petronas Twin Towers is really amazing, I love this place because its lights are glowing like the stars! This tower is one of the most beautiful building in the whole world, but its real beauty could be seen in the evening time when all of its lights are turned on.

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  4. Mridula: We couldn't stay there till evening...were tired and had to go back.

    Wall graphics: Standby for a post on twin towers

    Akash: Thanks

    Wayanad Resorts: I thought of deleting your comment, but for now keeping it

  5. Awesome pictures! Neat post and great style of writing.

  6. Oh entrance area is so empty. When we went there it was fully crowded and there was some dance by the local artists.

  7. I like your way of narrating about KL Tower and thank you for share good imgages.


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