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Mistakes to avoid in IT JOB Resumes

This post lists couple of recommendations w.r.t writing resumes for IT jobs. There’s no sure shot way of writing resume and however nicely written, a resume on its own can’t guarantee a job.

Still, based on personal observation, listing couple of common mistakes job seekers should avoid.

·         Too generic objective: Objective section is expected to give quick overview of a candidate’s experience/specialization and specify candidate’s expectation from new job. This should be conveyed effectively in 3-4 lines max. A half page objective section which beats around the bush is clear NO NO, as it will turn off the recruiter.

·         Not optimizing space in resume: Avoid having a resume that runs into 5 pages, but could have been fit within 3, if the tables and text were better aligned.

·         Key information such as experience, skillset and education are not available in first few pages- if these are hidden somewhere at the end, interviewers may not like it

·         Fancy Emails: At least for the purpose of job seeking, keep an email which represents your name. Fancy email IDs like coolBob1999 or Raj192002 can make you appear unprofessional

·         Separating core skills from general tasks. If you’re applying for a senior architect’s position in a specific technology, let your resume highlight your strengths in specific technology.  You may have done several other secondary tasks like conducting interviews, appraisals for your team etc. If you have proven competency in something, it is understandable that you’d have handled a team. Focusing too much on supplementary task is not good. Let the recruiter get confidence that you’re an expert in your primary specialization. Do not let other tasks dominate the resume to take the focus away from core skill.

·         Not having proper header, footer and page number. Interviewers may print your resume and may have 10 other resumes to interview. If pages do not have proper footer, page number, person handling many resumes can easily mess up and miss couple of pages of your resume. Having your name and page no in footer will help the person to correctly re-arrange your resume.

·         Ensure data integrity in your resume. For example, at any given point of time you’re not supposed to be working for two companies. If your experience says Jan 2005-Jan 2008 in company A, Dec 2007 to Dec 2010 in Company B, something is wrong.

Other tips: include only those facts which you have documentary evidence and you can talk about. One might have worked at his uncle’s factory during summer holiday, but if one tries to show it as an experience and then fails to provide evidence, it is like inviting trouble.

Business ethics: In the interview and in resume, do not give out sensitive information related to your current and past employers (such as billing rates, knowledge treated as intellectual property of the company, etc). Also do not bad mouth people.

Best wishes.

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  1. Thanks for the post..
    Generic Objective - thats very common knowingly made mistake thinking people will not read at all :)

    Time to edit my resume..!!


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