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Sholayar Dam, Valparai

Unlike other dams I’ve been to, Sholeyar Dam was a bit different, because of one reason. On our way to Sholeyar dam, we got to drive several kms along the water body, which is essentially the catchment area of the dam. Usually we go to dam from downstream side and get to see only dam and water coming out of it. In case of Sholayar dam, we got good idea of how vast the catchment area is. Several trees and hills which might have had independent existence earlier, now lies submerged in water.
Sholayar dam, 30 kms from Valparai town, is said to be the second deepest in Asia. Besides the dam there isn’t much of attraction here. Entry to the dam is restricted and tourists can view it only from a distance. Sharing couple of photos of the dam and catchment area.

This boat was giving nice perspective
Driving couple of kms towards Kerala takes you to a bridge that runs parallel to the dam. We took some more photos there and came back.

60kms from Sholayar Dam lies the place Athirapally falls, also known as India’s Niagra. We couldn’t go there due to short of time.

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  1. Nice Pics, Nidhi. I am planning to take the family down there next month. Where did you stay and how'd you rate it? Please give the phone no.also. -Raj

  2. We stayed at Tea Bungalows...

    Details below


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