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Newspapers in Singapore

Do you remember my earlier post on Srilankan Newspapers? On Sundays, newspapers in Srilanka would consist of 270-380 pages. Read about them here

Had a similar experience in Singapore, though No of pages are one half of what Srilankan newspapers offer.

On Saturday, THE STAITS TIMES had 139 pages, two third of which were ads. SingTel alone had 5 and a half page full ads that day.
The breakdown of 139 pages go as below:
Main paper: 48 pages
Home Special: 26 pages
Money Supplement: 15 pages
Saturday Supplement: 16 pages
Life: 34 pages
Total: 139 pages

On Sunday, the count was 124 pages. On Thursday, the count was 94 pages. I didn't count on other days.

Over 2/3rd of the pages are filled with ads of all kinds.Almost every fold had a full page ad. India and Bollywood related news gets about a page or two.

Below full page ad caught my attention... It had no clue as to who issued it- must be some job portal preparing for a print campaign


  1. Though I lived in Singapore, this count thin never struck me. And yes, the ads are pretty big eh! Shows all the money that flows in Asia. In US the only ads that catch my eyes are insurance ads. Ofcouse I haven't counted a 100 page newspaper yet
    We're you there for work r fun?

  2. Yes, US newspapers are not that thick.

    Was there on work

  3. what abt news content ? I have in heard "freedom of press" is very minimum in Singapore.

  4. Read a few articles- were plain and simple.. didn't spot anything like investigative journalism..

    But I've read only on few days, so shouldn't make judgements

  5. Wow...Great informative blog. Here are lot of information have found for me..Thank you..


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