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Statue of Liberty, Libery island, New York

Statue of Liberty was an iconic structure I'd seen in many hollywood movies. Eventually I saw it in my own eyes last month. This post shares some photos and related details.

Statue of Liberty is located in an island off New York. Connected by Statue Cruises, tourists often flock here in large numbers. Huge queues welcome you on weekends. Ferry ride opens at 9AM. When I reached the venue on a Friday morning and bought tickets by 9.45AM, the queue was long enough to go all the way into the centre of battery park. I had to stand in queue for about 1 hour, before we could clear security check and board the ferry. There's a provision to reserve your slots- those who have reserved tickets are allowed to bypass the queue.

Ticket costs US$ 13 and includes Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Ferry ride lasted for about 10 minutes. Statue of Liberty was gifted to US by France and is placed at Liberty Island. The island has a small park, refreshment centres. My entry ticket said "No access to Museum"-some construction work were going on at the site. Museum was probably closed.

 Helicopters were patrolling the place frequently. Clicked a close up

Some birds nearby
 Statue of Liberty as seen from Empire State Building...
 Water Taxi and sail
A liberty bike is also interesting piece of equipment in the campus

View of Manhattan skyline from Liberty Island- you can see world trade centers under construction

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