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Battery Park, New York

Battery park, New York (May 2012)

I reached battery park looking to visit Statue of Liberty. Battery park located at southern tip of New York city and is more famous because tourists board ferry to Statue of Liberty here. This park was an attraction on its own. A memorial for all those who made supreme sacrifice (in 17th century wars)
 A view of World trade centre tower under construction
A statue depicting a sinking soldier being rescued

Bicycle rentals- nice way to explore New York. I couldn’t opt for this due to shortage of time. I will try next time. In India cyclists become pedestrians at signals and cross the signal with their cycles as if they’re walking. I guess that won’t work in US. Another good things is that one can cycle inside various parks.
Street Signs
A squirrel- I was standing in line to get into ferry when we spotted this. I told the lady behind me that I’ll be back in a minute and went out to click the squirrel.
There were still some areas of the park which I didn’t explore fully as the queue for statue of liberty was long and if I didn’t get in line, my turn would have taken ages. The part is 25 acres vast and certainly worth spending some time in.

October 30 Update: Hurricane Sandy is striking New York, destroying beautiful places I visited earlier this year and blogged about. They won't be same if I happen to visit next time.

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