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Birds at our village

Went for birding near our village and below are some nice snaps I managed to click.

Wire tailed swallow duo.. one has a long tail, other doesn't. One with long tail is the Male. (Thanks to Ram for identification)

Green bee eater twins... They're as colourful as Kingfisher

Black kite (Pariah Kite) in flight.. (Naming assistance- Sabhyasachi Patra) This was the max I could zoom on
A Drongo... Looks like common crow from a distance, but its tails are the key differentiation
 A bat hanging on to electric cables
An open billed stork in action, I couldn't take such precise and clear pics with my sony, as it would take more time to focus. Also in the frame is black ibis. (Again, naming assistance-  Sabhyasachi Patra)
 Birds on a tree
Some more photos in another post...

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  1. Too good Shrinidhi. You are lucky ..Thanks for this beautiful post

  2. Loved your shots. Really wonderful eagles. and especially the acrobatic bat!

  3. The bird mentioned hawk is a black kite or pariah kite.

    The bird in flight (there are two birds in that image). The main one is an open billed stork. You can see that there is a gap between its bill. The bird at the bottom of the frame in that image is a black ibis.

  4. Thanks Jnaneshwra, Dheeraj, Rajesh and Meoww...

    Sabyasachi sir: Thanks for the identification. I've updated the post with credits and link

  5. However birds at your village are not standout but photography is really outstanding.

  6. Thanks Arun. Will correct

    Jugmendra.. thanks

  7. I was smiling throughout the snaps lovely clicks they made me feel so happy.


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