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Kundadri hills near Agumbe, revisited

We revisited Kundadri again, after a gap of 1 year. Last time I’d explored Kundadri was in a Tata Aria during October 2011. [Read earlier post on Kundadri] That was an evening visit. This time, we revisited the place during noon time, in another Tata SUV, Tata Safari EX. Due to the time of visit, sky was clear and view was good. But we missed the clouds and breeze. If we’d gone there few hours earlier it we might have seen few may be.
Last time we’d lot of tourists at Kundadri (a bus full of Gujarathi people of Jain community had come to visit the Jain temple on top of Kundadri). This time the place was deserted. We spent a few mins re-exploring the place and came back.

Enjoyed the uphill drive as I did last time. Took a similar photo of Safari like the one we’d taken for Aria.

Some photos for your reference.

Above: Tata Safari EX 4x4 at Kundadri Hills, December 2012, clicked by Ravi Raj Bhat, driven by Shrinidhi
Below: Tata Aria in the same spot about an year ago, October 2011, clicked by Vinay,driven by Shrinidhi


  1. Never knew of this place. Shall check it out soon. Awe inspiring photos. Especially the first one.

  2. Hi Shrindhi,

    Wow, these photographs just took my breath away. Beautiful landscapes.
    Thanks for sharing your memories of the trip with all of us.



  3. Such a nice place to be... Nice photography.....


  4. Looks like a great place for a nice long drive. That first picture is simply wow!!


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