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Birds at our village- another set

Here's another set of birds, clicked around our village. Please click here for previous sets: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3

I do not know the name of these birds, if you can recognize them, please help

1. Indian Roller (identified by Mridula)
 2. Same bird in flight, lifting off from its position
 3. Indian Pond Heron
4. A hen in standing position
 5. Common Kingfisher.. (identified by Mridula) ..300mm zoom is just not enough
 6. A yellow breasted bird
 7. A pure white bird with its reflection in water
Please comment if you can recognize these, I'll update the post with credit.

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  1. Shri the first one is an Indian Roller Bird for sure. I wonder if the second one is the same bird in flight?

    The third one is an Indian Pond Heron.

    Fifth one is a common kingfisher.

    Seventh one to me looks like an egret.

    All ids to the best of my knowledge, some could be wrong!

  2. Thanks Anjan

    Thanks Mridula. Updated the post with name and credit

  3. I think that yellow brested small bird is Purple Rumped sunbird but too far to identify with confidence.

    For that egret just google egret in google images and see there are close matches!

  4. I should have said 'Great Egret' as the name and not just egret.


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