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Amer fort photos, Jaipur, Rajastan

Amer Fort (or Amber Fort) is a majestic fort located some 10 kms from Jaipur city on a small hill. It is visible from a distance and looks magnificent. Fort campus is also surrounded with lots of hills and a “Great Wall of China” like structure.

This fort opens for public by 8AM itself. I didn’t have this information right, hence I went there by noon.

There were multiple options to go up- by foot- free, by elephant (one way, Rs 900) and by jeep. I opted to go up by foot. The campus is huge and takes several hours for proper exploration. The same combi ticket which I had bought at city palace could be used here. [View photos of elephant ride to Amer fort]
Once inside, spent an hour or two roaming around. It is a fairly large complex with thousands of rooms and windows. Leaving you with loads of images.

External views of Amber fort

Inside views
Above: A garden inside the Amer fort. 
Below: A pulley

 Interiors of the fort
 View of the city notice the temple, another fort like complex, hills and defensive walls

 Vehicles are also allowed till top
  Another fort nearby- I couldn't go there due to shortage of time



  1. Nice captures of the fort!

  2. Being There recently . A treat to watch anytime

    Travel India

  3. Rajasthan is an great place and state in India almost of desserts. The National Highway No 08 goes across the state. Nice post and great one Roadies.

  4. You made it come alive. Thanks for visual treat

  5. Thanks Niranjanm Vishal, Suresh, Be Moneyaware

  6. :) That was like revisiting the Amber fort. :)


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