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Book Review: Shailendra Singh's F?@k knows

Book Review:  F@?k knows by Shailendra Singh

When I got this book for review, I had thought it is a fiction. Soon realized that it is not.  Shailendra Singh, an entrepreneur and advertising professional, shares his life lessons and lots of gyan.

Book starts with a rather unusual disclaimer, which says all resemblances are purely incidental.

First few chapters were a bit boring, because I was reading with a preconceived notion that this is another book full of useless gyan on how to make it big and successful in life. But by the time I was done reading first 60 pages, I was now serious. The author meant what he wrote and the contents are simple, straight forward and often ignored by all of us.

The chapter, Conversation with God, for example, throws up a very simple, practical question: which phase of life we get to spend the way we like it? First 5-10 years we have no control on what’s going on and we spend it as facilitated by our parents. Next 10 years is lost in school and colleges, whether we hate it or not. Then comes the hunt for job, career, followed by family pressure on wedding and kids. Our 20s and 30s lost this way, preventing us from any adventure we might wish to take part in- say jumping off a plane or climbing a mountain or anything else that might be in your wish list. Despite having enough energy and hopefully enough money, we’re prevented from taking up any adventure/risk, citing the potential impact on family if something were to go wrong or the need to save up money for future. By 40s, though somewhat settled in life, health problems start to creep in, preventing one from intended ventures. So when in life we take decisions for our own, do what we wanted-no matter what others say?

Other chapters also revolve around the similar facts- our life, how we lose control of it, how one can fix it and so on.

Throughout the book, author repeatedly urges readers to make a wish list and take immediate steps to fulfil them. Author also gives tips to clear obstacles, streamline thoughts and priorities.

Book also attempts to clear several myths (like doing good things will result in longer life- refer page 96-98.

Few other tips including enjoying your work, taking care of self, starting all over again, giving it away and so on

Some chapters are thought provoking to funny (like why suicide is called Khud kushi in Hindi, which translates to “self happiness”)

Author also shares good amount of personal and family incidents to correlate with what he is explaining.

Title: F?@k knows
Author: Shailendra Singh
MRP: Rs 195 (Rs 137 on flipkart, 
Publisher: Rupa
Pages: 234
Genre: Self Help

Overall the book "F?@k Knows" makes a good reading. Language used in the book may not be everyone’s likings, hence proceed with caution. But the facts are facts nevertheless.

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  1. Amazing book, the language used and the ideas are quite genuine. it's sure going to inspire the readers. So open about his life, but worth looking back at yourself. The book is just like a mirror. It's more like story where you ended up with everything but so less that can be used.


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