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Early morning at Nanjanagudu

Nanjanagudu is a temple town some 20kms from Mysore. We stopped by this town on our way to Bandipur. Some photos and text from the same

Temple tower and temple elephant Gouri in front of temple

The temple kart
 Large idol of lord Shiva is a key attraction here
Above: school children taking blessing from temple elephant
Below: A local shopkeeper feeding something to temple elephant

Below: Devotees taking dip at River Kapila. Temple administration was announcing on loud speakers to be cautious about children, mobile, valuables etc
 A structure which usually gets submerged in water post monsoon. 


  1. Nice captures!


  2. Never knew Nanjangud had such treasures. Beautiful temple and that elephant looks special. Thanks for taking us there

  3. Awesome shots! What treasures our great country has!

  4. Lovely pictures and great place. Specially that river looks serene .

  5. Thanks Niranjan, Arnab, Meoww, Vishal and Ajeeth

  6. You made the place come alive. Would put it in my places to visit list.


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