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Dasara Exhibition Ground Random Photos

Some random photos clicked at the Dasara Exhibition ground, Mysore this year.

Dasara Exhibition runs for several months, even after Dasara is long over. Featuring shopping, food stalls, entertainment, games etc, Dasara exhibition ground is a good way to spend an evening.

Above: Bidar fort replica
Below: Entrance to Dasara Exhibition grounds

 The food stalls

 The joy rides

 Karnataka- One state, Many worlds

The one rupee a kilo rice by Siddaramaiah govt of Karnataka, tax others!
Entrance all lit up

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  1. I have heard Dasara celebrations in Mysore are a must watch. The photo of the entrance in lights is very good.

  2. Yes, it is a must watch.. do visit Mysore next year

    Check my other post on Mysore palace as well...

  3. So nice to see Mysore Dusshera! Missing the celebrations and the festive feelings...

  4. Ah! Nostalgia.

    Love those evenings, the rides and the shopping. I did college in the cultural capital and this exhibition was one of those opportunities to stretch our usual hostel curfew ;)


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