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Weekend offroading near Palar river

Spent half a day last Saturday joining Terratiger's convoy of SUVs indulging in offroading. Though I was hoping for a different set of obstacles/location, we ended up visiting the same obstacles as last time, which was a bit disappointing. (I could spend only till lunch break). However this time two fortuners were entrants.

Below are some photos taken during the event.

Fortuner 4x4, stock tyres, no modifications...

This jeep gets stuck on the rocks due to incorrect line and not so strong breaks 
Above: Mahindra Thar with hard top, just back from Great Adventure
Below: Nishcal's jeep doing a demo
Vishu's Endeavor in action... notice front left wheel in the air and the suspension in action on right side front and rear wheels
 Watch a video I made of the Endeavor...

Some more GoPro photos..

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