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Purified Air- Next big thing-Get your office air quality tested by BlueAir

We have long succumbed to the fact that public water is unsafe and are all used to buying purified water. What about air? Some cities in India- like Delhi already have alarmingly dangerous levels of pollutants in air and other cities are fast catching up. Whenever we heard news of people buying pure air in cylinders in China or Cafes where one can enter just to breathe fresh air, we sort of laughed at it and ignored it.  

But the threat from polluted air is very real. Irrespective of you like it or not, soon we will be forced to buy fresh air or spend on air purifiers, just the way we spend on water.

Your office may be air conditioned, but that doesn't solve the problem. ACs suck air from surrounding, cool and recirculate- their ability to clean the air is very much limited (AC will only have a filter). Fresh air is critical for long term health of your employees, as well as for short term productivity. If the air is pure, staff will be more attentive, less susceptible to sick leaves and overall maintain a positive energy. 

Further, if you thought indoor air is more pure than outdoor air, you might be wrong. In indoor many factors contribute to air contamination- sweating, microbes/body hair/fur dropped by pets, candles, deodorants, smoking, kitchen activities, pollen/allergens that blow in through windows etc contribute to indoor air contamination.

But unlike water, checking air quality is difficult. Most of us can't detect it by smelling and there're hardly any labs that can take a packet full of air and analyze how good or bad it is. How to know how bad is the air in your office and if you really need a purifier? Check with BlueAir.

Delhi based BlueAir.in is currently offering free test of office air quality.  Call them on their toll free number 18008331188 to fix an appointment and blue air representatives will do a free assessment of your office indoor air quality.
Of course that can be followed by followed by a demo of Blueair Pro range of Air purifiers- that can clean 99.97% of harmful  microbes such as allergens, viruses, asthma triggers, bacteria and such airborne pollutants or contaminants, in just 20 minutes. Should you wish to buy any air purifier from BlueAir, you will get 25% discount off MRP if you buy it in next 2 weeks (before end of April)

Air Purification is a 250 million dollar industry in the US. I made an attempt to understand how the air purifier works- howstuffworks.com has enough details, and even FAQ section of blueair.in is also good. Similar to air conditioner, HEPA type air purifiers suck in air using the fans, make it pass through a filter, wherein air is subjected to mechanical as well as electrostatic filtering process and clean air is released from the other side of the device. Apart from one time purchase expenditure, electricity bill and filter replacement will be the other expenses.

Some practical tips you should keep in mind while buying Air Purifiers:
1. Ask for cost of replacement filters and try to strike a deal on it too- similar to inkjet printer cartridges, filter replacement can cost lots of money. If you are not careful, you might get overcharged. Typically you will need a replacement 4 to 6 months. (BlueAir purifiers come with indicator)
2. Check how many times per hour it will clean the air in the room. Anything less than 4 is usually not good.
3. Fan or Fanless? Fanless ones might seem good, but their ability to circulate air is highly limited. Go for a fan one
4. Decibel: Manufacturers give decibel rating on the box. Lower the better

Unlike AC that needs extensive installation, Air purifiers seem to be simple to operate- plug and play.

Coming back to BlueAir, Blue Air is a Swedish company that sells Air Purifiers in over 64 countries. BlueAir seem to have planned aggressive growth in India, given the potential here. Most of us spend great deal of time indoors- home and office and quality of air we breathe is critical to long term well being and productivity. This argument is reportedly proved by a Harward University study titled "Economic, Environmental and Health Implications of Enhanced Ventilation in Office Buildings”,  Noting that people spend about 90% of their time indoors, Mr. Vijay Kannan, head of Blueair India said that indoor environmental quality and its impact on health and productivity is rarely given enough attention. He added that the Blueair ‘breathe clean air at work’ initiative is designed to give businesses the chance to see for themselves in their own environments how efficiently a Blueair air purifier works to benefit their employees and bottom line.


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  2. I was just across your blog site and i read this article.This is an amazing article. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to read something new.For me, air purifier is really important. I really want to make sure that at least at my house, the air is purified. These days outside air is very polluted.


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