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Skywatch Australia-Canberra to Sydney bus journey

I took a Grayhound bus from Canberra to Sydney- The 300km journey lasted for about 4 hours, because the max speed allowed on the highway is 110 kmph. During this day time journey, I got to witness the Australian country side and the clouds- perfect excuse for skywatch friday.

This post shares some clicks from the journey, of the sky above, road below and the vehicles in between.

Pictures of the sky above during my Canberra-Sydney bus journey!

 From the window seat...
There were just 3 passengers in the Sunday afternoon bus-had the entire bus for myself! It was good of Grayhound not to cancel the trip

Above: Sitting a level above driver's seat, I had the best view.
Below: Empty roads- had it not been for 110kmph speed limit, journey would have ended much earlier

A biker gang in action
 A camper van. Wish someone starts renting them in India (Read my Motorhome experience)
 As we came closer to Sydney, traffic began to pile up

A tunnel
Inside a tunnel near Sydney

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  1. Beautiful photos. It looks like you got the bus ride all to yourself! Sadly where I live they are cutting Greyhound bus services on routes due to lower ridership. Australia is beautiful. I've enjoyed travelling there but didn't get to this part of the continent.

  2. @Joyful- which part of Australia do you live in?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  3. Good to know Jim, thanks for dropping by at my blog

  4. Lovely pics. It must be wonderful trip. Even I'm wishing for someone starts renting caravan in India

  5. My Self Suresh , Works for as a web guy! you should start a trip from Melbourne to Adelaide that will be good tooo.

  6. Thanks Suresh. Not sure when I can do that... hopefully some day


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