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Auckland Skycity SkyTower views

Skytower is Auckland’s highest landmark and one of the top tourist attractions. It isn’t the tallest in the world and doesn’t have anything exceptionally great but is probably worth a visit if you’d like to see top view of Auckland CBD (Central Business District).
One my last evening in Auckland I paid a visit to Auckland skytower rather reluctantly. The entry ticket costs 29 NZD (Close to INR 1500 or USD 20). If you can get a discount coupon that is usually available in various tourist booklets (available free at airports, harbours and other attractions) you can save about 2 NZD on the Sky tower entry ticket.

You will be first taken to main observation deck at about 186 meters high. Here you can enjoy a 360 degree view, some bottom views through the glass window on the floor, go down a level for a café, relax a bit on seating facilities or take elevator to 220 meters Skydeck viewing platform. AJ Hacket offers few adventure activities here- like tower walk- similar to what I had experienced in Macau. From the top you can see the harbor, Rengitoto island, Devonport, Bridge and other prominent spots in Auckland. I couldn’t see the airport which is some 25 kms away
Once you go up, you can spend as much time as you like, till about 10 PM closing time. My suggestion would be to go at around 6.30- 7 PM, during which there will be good day light and you will get good pictures, then wait for an hour and enjoy the night view at around 8 PM and then come down. But check the sky outside before buying your ticket- if it is very cloudy, there won’t be any views. Go on a day when sky is clear.

There’s free WiFi on sky tower- make full use of it, as internet is fairly expensive in NZ. Even Auckland airport gives only 45 mins free internet and most hostels and hotels may offer free internet in and around reception area only.

Skycity can be reached by walk from anywhere in CBD- it is about a km from Britomart and clearly visible from different parts of the town. A bus ride may cost about 3.5 NZD onwards. There a Saravana Bhavan veg restaurant near Skytower that is expected to open soon. Taj Mahal is a relatively cheap Indian restaurant just across the street from Sky tower.

Watchout for any cultural shows/events that might be happening around Skytower. During my visit some Hawaiian dance program was going on. Watch this short video.

Official website is this

What are the other elevated points in and around Auckland for a view if you don't want to go up the sky tower?
  • The summit at Rengitoto is believed to be of same height as Skytower observation deck
  • One Tree Hill offers good view of the city
  • Devonport area has couple of hills offering good views

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