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Byron Bay n Cape Byron Lighthouse, NSW, Australia

Cape Byron Light house and surrounding area are a scenic spot worth visiting in Australia. Byron Bay is in New South Wales but is some 100 kms from Gold Coast, Queensland. Cape Byron light house is also the eastern most point in Australian Mainland.

 Got a parking spot closest to the lighthouse!
A nice cafe behind information centre is good place to relax,
Cape Byron is said to be the most easterly point of Australia mainland.
Above: View from fisherman's lookout
I had a short visit to this place and this post shares my findings and related details:
To do: You can watch the light house from up close, no entry inside.
You can walk on the trails around the light house to enjoy scenic views.
You can access the beach and have fun in water.
There’re other view points such as Fisherman’s lookout, Captain Cook’s lookout etc in the region.
Some water-sports such as sailing can be enjoyed.

Stay overnight at Keeper’s House:
If you have the time, you can plan an overnight stay at the Keeper’s House. You can have the entire light house area for yourself from evening till morning when day visitors would have gone back home. Very limited number of rooms available and advance booking is required. Do check here. Go with whatever you need for the night- nothing much is available within few kms radius.
Parking fee of 8 AUD applies for cars, 4 for motorcycles. Vehicle can go up to the lighthouse (almost 100 meters close), subject to availability of parking space. Else you’ve to park further and walk.

How to reach Bryon Bay?
  • Skybus is available from Gold Coast Airport to reach Byron Bay
  • Grayhound Australia operates buses couple of times daily from Gold Coast's Surfers' Paradise transport centre to Bryon Bay.
  • There could be more options, do your research. Renting a car and driving there would be best option in my opinion.

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