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Our first glimpse of Macau from Guia Fortress and Lighthouse!

Guia light house was one of the attractions in Macau that appeared closest to our hotel (Grand Lapa) and we thought of beginning our Macau exploration from here. Though Guia light house was visibly close, the walking path was long and because of steep slope, ate up lots of energy.

Guia Lighthouse and fort campus has a small chapel (dedicated to 'our lady of Guia, photography not permitted inside), a lighthouse (still operational), jogging trails and open exercise areas, a small information counter and several viewpoints.

The Lighthouse first- couldn't go to top, only took a look from outside.

A small information counter displays some historic pictures of the area around Guia lighthouse and a scale model.

And next, the view from Guia lighthouse

Macau Tower and Grand Lisboa on one side

The outer harbor ferry terminal and the bridge on the other side. A lone cannon keeps vigil!

High rises on one side
 Low rises on the other side of Guia fortress-lots of calmness despite the chaos

The Macau flag on top of Guia fort
 On the right side below is the closeup of the Macau tower.
 A brave bird permitting pretty close shot
 Another view
 Another casino building
 A bell and the stairs that seem to be going nowhere...
 This building with a roof top garden caught my attention.
 On the way to Guia fort

Macau was Portuguese colony. Guia means guidance in Portuguese language. This fort was built in 17th century fort was built to protect Macao from the dutch invasion. There is one more fortress which supports Guia fortress- called Mount Fortress. Today Guia fort campus is part of UNESCO world heritage site.

The campus around the fortress has a large jogging track. It is several kms long, so unless you've lots of time and energy to do a full circle, be sure to return on time.

Do carry enough water- no shops exist on top and if you visit this during day time, you are likely to get exhausted pretty fast. Rest rooms are available. We had totally exhausted our drinking water and we asked a lady in information counter if tap water is potable. She said No and was kind enough to give us a cup of water from the can meant for their personal use. Visit early morning or evening to avoid heat. 


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