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Hac Sa Beach, Coloane, Macau

Beaches are not the USP in Macau. Sea water here is very muddy and orange in colour-probably because of heavy land reclamation in progress. Thus taking a dip in the sea shouldn't be on top of your list.

However if you are attracted towards the sea there are a few beaches that can be explored. Hac Sa is a popular one, well connected by buses. Choec Van beach is another one.

I paid a short visit to Hac Sa beach and spent about an hour walking around. This post shares few photos and notes from my visit.

Soil is blackish


Banana boat ride activity in progress!

Somewhere near the hill, I saw below viewpoint. Seemed too far to walk and couldn't figure out how to go there
There're enough places to sit and relax or even conduct various activities

 Handrail patterns
Below is Grand Coloane Resort, next to Hac Sa beach, in case you prefer to stay next to the beach. (But rest of the Macau attractions will be too far)
At least 3 life guards were on duty at the beach, so it is good. (But saw two of them busy on the phone most of the time, not really keeping an eye on people in water)
 Lots of trees right next to the beach is great
 And looks like camping is allowed too
 A volleyball court- if you are game for some beach volleyball
Few eateries exist near the beach, nothing Indian though. A swimming pool, park etc are also nearby.

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