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Venetian Resort Casino and mini city in Macau

Venetian is one of the top resorts/mini cities in Macau. Galaxy, Sands, City of Dreams, Studio City, Grand Lisboa, MGM, Wynn etc are the other such resorts in Macau. I am saying mini city because these are much more bigger than the malls, offering Casinos, Hotels with 1000s of rooms, hundreds of upmarket restaurants, shops and such attractions focused on tourism. We spent an hour or two inside some of these mini cities, walking across the casino floor, checking out the shops n restaurants and photographing architecture/interesting interior decorations. In this post, I am sharing photos of Venetian that I have clicked.

Exterior pictures of Venetian- Night
Because of its Venice theme, there's lots of water all around Venetian. With a small lane of still water around it Venetian offers great reflections in the night that are photographer’s delight. Below are a view night time photos that I clicked around Venetian.

Exterior pictures- Day
Few day time pictures- Venetian has a super tall tower with hotel rooms surrounded by a much smaller but heritage themed 3 level building that houses casino, shops and restaurants.

Above- four broken window panels- not sure accidental or intentional

Interiors of Venetian:
Interiors is where most of the beauty is. Just after entrance, looking up gives you this palace like view with murals

Artificial ceiling- All over Level 3, an artificial ceiling gives a feel as if you are in open space!

An Indian restaurant inside Venetian (Level 3). We had our dinner here. Rates were reasonable, not too expensive.

Venice theme is obvious all over. A stream of still water with boats inside the Venetian. Singapore's Marina Bay Sands has a similar facility
 Time spent inside Venetian was totally worth it. Location tip off courtesy: Dhananjaya Moorthy.


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