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Bali Starling (aka Bali Myna) at Hong Kong Park aviary

Bali Starlings (popularly known as Bali Myna) is a simple and beautiful bird species native of Indonesia region. The Hong Kong Park aviary that I visited earlier this week had many of them in captivity (though free to fly around within the confined space of the aviary)

The pure white snowish birds with a tinge of blue around the eye were very photogenic and they were camera friendly too. I guess they are used to visitors and do not fly away seeing people. Thanks to an elevated walking path inside the aviary, we could click these birds at perfect angles. This post shares some photos of Bali Mynah that I clicked at HK Park aviary.

I am busy cleaning myself.. wait a second, I will pose for you!

Can you serve my meals right here on the banana leaf please?

 Maximum zoom!

 Another tourist clicking the bird at HK park
Photos of other birds clicked at HK park in a separate post.

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