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Scenic Macau International Airport in pictures!

Macau airport is small one, not at all busy and located amidst the ocean. When we landed in Macau we had water on one side. There are very few airports in the world with such scenery around, I guess Macau is one of them. But the muddy ocean spoils the scene to some extent. Had it been blue, it would have been more fun.

It will be a lot cheaper to fly into Macao, than flying in to Hong Kong, as the airport is cheaper. Check the cost of flying in to Macao and then taking ferry to Hong Kong instead of direct flight to Hong Kong (Ferry between Hong Kong and Macau costs 1 hour and about INR 1700 one way)

The taxi way from runway to terminal is a perpendicular line- gives beautiful views like below as aircrafts arrive.

 That is our Air Asia plane turning towards the Gate.

VietJetAir plane landing in Macau. This Vietnam based airline is infamous for asking its air-hostesses to pose in bikinis once.

 The landing experience
 And soon after take off!
Air Macau is Macau's own carrier that provides connectivity to nearby countries. This particular aircraft was very colourful. Other Air Macau planes I saw were normal.
From most points in Macau one can see air crafts landing or taking off. Below are few such pics- taken from different spots around Macao.
Here is a google map image of Macau airport- notice the runway in the ocean.
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