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Gongbei Port, China seen from Macau border!

On our day 1 in Macau, we walked to cover lots of attractions and eventually reached till Sun Yat Sen Park which borders China. From this park, I could see China on the other side. China's Gongbei Port serves as one of the two entry points between Macau and mainland China. If I had the visa I might have just gone across the border for a tea or something, but without that, just had to limit myself to whatever that I could see from across the border

Some pictures of China, as seen from Macau-China border. Thankfully no visa is required for this.

The under construction building seen in above picture- was visible from Macau tower as well

Below building looks like a stadium. Not sure
Public can arrive at a Border Gate, which is next to Sun Yat Sen Park, clear immigration and board the bus again on other side of the border. While many resort shuttles and city buses ferry passengers till the border gate, vehicles that provide continued transport into Chinese cities are allowed to pass through the gate, with only crew.

This way, China is the 3rd country I have seen from across the border but haven't visited yet Burma from Thailand border and Pakistan from Wagah border are the other two countries I have seen this way.

The Sun Yat Sen Park is also worth a visit- used by locals for recreation purposes

Hope to visit China as well, some day!


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