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Indian Restaurants in Macau and Hong Kong

This post is a quick brief on various Indian restaurants we tried in Macau and Hong Kong. Will be useful for vegetarians and others who are looking for Indian food during their visit to these special administrative regions.

Indian Restaurants in Macao
1. The Taste of India: Went to this place on two evenings for dinner. During my pre-trip research I had identified this as a potential eating place but when I entered Fisherman's Wharf area, this restaurant was hard to locate, because of ongoing constructions. With some difficulty I eventually figured out, but getting inside was also a challenge- they had 3 doors on 3 sides, two of them closed. Finally figured out the right door and entered. They offer buffet dinner and also a la-carte.

See the seating-feels like VVIP! Simple seats are also available

Tried veg thali and veg biriyani- taste was great. Factor a budget of 250 MOP minimum for 2 people, 300-400 if you are planning more items like drinks, starters etc.

Taste of India is right behind the Macau Outer Harbor ferry terminal. They open at 11 in the morning Good place to grab some food before boarding the ferry if you are heading to Hong Kong.

2. Indian Spice Express: Located inside Venetian resort, Indian Spice Express serves both veg and non-veg items. Reasonably priced though located inside a mega mall.

3. Indian Garden: We didn't visit this, but another family who stayed in Hotel Taipa Square said this is a good place. They went at about 11 PM, just around closing time, when the owner re-opened the hotel for them and served fresh food.

There were few more Indian restaurants listed in tripadvisor, but I couldn't locate them/didn't have the need to search for more.

Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong

1. Central Indian Restaurant: The first restaurant we walked into upon arriving in Hong Kong.Small place located in first floor, but food is decent and staff were friendly.

2. Saravana Bhavan
A small family run restaurant that uses name of a Popular South Indian chain in a busy complex at the beginning of Nathan Road. This small outlet has nothing to do with the Saravana Bhavan chain. Can seat about 30 odd people, serves veg food, Sambar rice is 60 HKD. Curd rice we ordered was not that good, so they didn't charge for it. Free WiFi is provided.

3. There are many more small Indian outlets around Saravana Bhavan in same complex,serving north Indian, Punjabi and other variants of Indian food. As soon as we entered the complex, an army of agents surrounded us and tried to take us to their respective restaurant. Wasn't very good experience

4. Sangeetha: Meals cost 90 HKD. Seems like part of Original Sangeetha chain. Good food and WiFi. Woodlands restaurant was also found in same floor where Sangeetha was located

5. Miss India: Located in lady's market. We didn't go inside, only saw their banner.
On our way to Ladies Market, I was searching for Bombay Indian Restaurant as it was listed on the map. But couldn't locate it on the street.

Food Panda seems to be very strong in Hong Kong- Saw guys with Food Panda uniform at 2 of the restaurants. If you can't locate anything nearby, may be you can try food panda.

If you are wondering why many Indians stick to Indian food while on international travel, I've tried to explain it here in this post


  1. This is a very useful list for some of my family members who so miss their Indian palate when traveling. Well captured

  2. The entrance to the taste of india is part of the overal customer experience -come in search of Indian food -only the best can get there to taste it :)


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