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Suryagarh Jaisalmer through my lens

Suryagarh is no doubt a beautifully designed hotel. Its intricate carvings, grand pillars and corridor, well planned lightings give great opportunity to experiment with photographs.

This post shares my clicks of Suryagarh Boutigue hotel in Jaisalmer who hosted me and other bloggers 2 weeks ago. I tried some photography in my free time.

The corner shots- with a wide angle lens, it is a delight to click the corridors of Suryagarh. Idea credit for below image goes to Mridula Dwivedi-she showed me a similar photo and suggested I can try from the corner. I picked it up from there and tried to improvise.

 Suryagarh via Mridula's camera
Suryagarh through wine glass... I broke a glass while trying these shots! 

 Night Photographs of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Last time in 2014 few of these were under construction. This time I was able to click Suryagarh in its full glory. Enjoyed taking these photographs, though we were pretty tired after day long activities.
 Same spot, same time, two different camera settings...

If you are wondering what is this, it is the ceiling decoration at front lobby of Suryagarh

Hope you like the photos. I feel I could have done even better.  


  1. Looks beautiful in the evening. Lovely captures of Suryagarh.

  2. Thanks Niranjan for such a quick comment!

  3. Magnificent, Spectacular , Ritzy and much more... Suryagarh and your photography both. The angles, the composition and lighting , you have utilized all 3 brilliantly.

  4. I recognize that right in the hands of the person holding the cell phone :D

  5. The first corridor picture is brilliant. And the first wine glass photo too. Funny that you had to break one for that. It must have been like a stay in a palace. But wasn't the weather too hot for this season ?

  6. @Nandini- thanks. Well, I didn't intentionally break. While trying to keep one glass inversely on another heavy wind resulted in one glass falling off and breaking into pieces.

    Yes, stay was great. Rains are expected in desert in August. During our stay it was bit hot but manageable, as outdoor activities were not much.

  7. you r very good in photography, in Instagram i have seen ur clicks, here these are also very nice.

  8. Amazing pictures and well documented. A long term fan of your blog. Please do not stop writing!

  9. Beautiful pictures. Next time you break a glass, try clicking reflections through broken glass pieces.

  10. Very nice pictures Shrinidhi.
    Please could you also share details of accommodation and booking etc and anything about planning a visit there.

  11. Thanks. Will keep your advise in mind next time..

  12. @Sharan:
    Room rents start at about 10k onwards under normal conditions. All details are available on their website

    Do check my other posts on Suryagarh below:

    September onwards till Feb is most popular season, Jodhpur is nearest airport as of now (300 kms away)
    Any particular queries, I will try to answer. Will try to compose a post covering these things, but may need time

  13. Thanks for sharing about Suryagarh Jaisalmer through my lens...............


  14. Thanks for the details Shrinidhi and quick response too!

  15. These pictures look absolutely stunning :)

  16. really very well clicked captures! Love the corridors! I am sure you had a great time clicking the architecture of Suryagarh. Visited it once for lunch, did not stay. Your captures are tempting me to plan a visit!

  17. @Divsi
    Thanks. Do visit. Yes, I had great time experimenting with the clicks. It was nice.


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