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DC Avanti Indian Supercar photos

DC Avanti is India’s own super car, conceptualized and built by Dilip Chhabria , a celebrity automotive designer whose company, DC Design is known to come out with jaw dropping modifications on otherwise conventional looking vehicles.

DC Avanti is a sports car, made of carbon fibre body, powered by a 2 litre engine that can reach top speed of 250 kmph. (There is also a limited edition version with more power) DC Avanti has an ex-showroom price of about 45 lakhs, my guess is on road price will be about 60 odd lakhs, excluding optional items. While car looks posh and desirable, practicality and after sales service remains a question. But then, buyers of these cars won’t be using Avanti as their primary car- it will be more a show off item in their line up of hot wheels.

I didn’t have an opportunity to take a look at DC Avanti so far, until last week when I saw it on display at Mumbai airport. Below are some photos of DC Avanti. Staff handling the counter refused to open the door and let me click interior pics, so only exterior photos for you. Avanti only gets manual gearbox while paddle shift is the norm in premium cars

Certainly the car looks stylish and is much cheaper than other sports cars. Now sure how many units of these are sold so far...


  1. I had first seen this beauty at the AutoExpo in Gurgaon back in 2014, India's first sports car ! Truly Gorgeous...


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