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Hong Kong Must Do-Visit to the Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the highest points in Hong Kong that offers splendid view of Hong Kong from top. (Tai Mo Shan is the highest peak, about 25 kms from city centre) On the day we planned to visit Victoria peak, it rained heavily in the morning. At about 8 AM clouds cleared and we headed out. From our hostel took ferry to Central pier, walked a bit and took bus No 15 to the peak. As the bus climbed up hill, mist covered the way and the journey was mesmerizing. Occasionally we would get a glimpse of harbor. After about 45 min to 1 hour of ride, we reached the peak. Upon reaching the peak tried to figure out what to do next.

From what I have noted, below are the things one can do at The peak.
  •           Go on a walk on any of the several walking trails
  •          Visit Madam Tussaud's Museum
  •          Go to sky terrace on top of the tower (HKD 48 per person)
  •          Hunt for nice view points and view/photograph Hong Kong city from top
  •          Relax in gardens (Mount Austin Garden, Victoria Garden etc)
  •          Shop/eat/drink
  •         Try the Peak Tram (28 HKD one way, 40 round trip, combo tickets for Tram+Madam Tussaud's available)
We decided to walk around a bit, took one of the trails and walked all the way till Victoria  Garden and beyond. On the way stopped at Mount Austin Garden. Free drinking water was available here so we bottled up.

As we continued the walk in the direction of Victoria garden, thanks to thick mist, there wasn’t much to view. We just enjoyed the weather and when it rained, took shelter under a structure, seen below.
There were many private residences and private roads in the locality, so had to keep checking which is the right way.

Below shown structure- a bus stop is one of the oldest structures constructed on the Victoria peak.
Subsequently we came back, spent some time inside The Peak Tower. Madam Tussaud's museum is located inside the peak tower, with an entry fee of about 230 HKD. Skipped this as I had seen it in Singapore. Picked up few souvenirs from the peak market shop inside this tower, as I found that rates are almost at par with ones at the ladies market in Kowloon.

There was an option to go to top of The Peak tower, called Sky Terrace, for a fee of HKD 48 per person. Because it was very foggy and visibility was poor, skipped this.

Another attraction inside the Sky tower is this Glitter Dome- one can go inside and get some pictures clicked.

The peak tower 

View of Hong Kong city and Harbor as seen from the Peak

View from the peak on the other side
Top most point of the peak contains telecommunication equipment and not open to public.
Spent an hour in Starbucks as I had a call to take and then proceeded to click some pictures of the harbour and buildings in Hong Kong. By now time was 3 PM, so had to decide between exploring any other place vs taking more walking trails at the peak. Opted to go down using the Peak Tram.

Visiting the peak was totally worth- Bus ride is cheaper at about 9.6 HKD per person, tram costs 4 times more.


  1. Nice views. I had gone in the evening and it was totally engulfed in mist and darkness.

  2. Lovely views from high up there. And the weather is definitely adding to the beauty of it.


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