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Galaxy Macao Resort Casino- Epitome of Grandeur

Similar to Studio City, Galaxy Macau is another giant resort in Macau's Taipa Island Galaxy Macau is visible from most part of the city (unless obstructed by another skyscrapper) and with its golden colour, it appears very appealing. Galaxy campus houses several hotels (including JW Marriot), Casino, Shops and more.

Instead of my typing, let the pictures do the talking. In summary these mega resorts represent epitome of grandeur and best of what money can buy.

Outside views of The Galaxy, Macau

Night view of Galaxy Resort, Macau
 Inside  views of Galaxy Macau

Tender Coconuts sold inside Galaxy Macau with branding.. Priced about 42 MOP, twice the rate found in a supermarket near our hotel
The Galaxy tower alone has about 2000 hotel rooms. What we explored was only a small part of it. Galaxy offers free shuttle from key points in Macau, such as airport, border gate, ferry terminal etc

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