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Jaisalmer Suite and Haveli at Suryagarh- Ultimate luxury in desert!

During my second visit to Suryagarh last week, I got a chance to take a look at most luxurious room options at Suryagarh- The Jaisalmer Suites and Havelis. I didn’t stay here (we were put up in a room one level cheaper than Jaisalmer Suite) but got a walk through of the room.

The Jaisalmer Suites at Suryagarh
Suryagarh has got only two of these Jaisalmer Suits, known as Jaisalmer-1 and Jaisalmer-2, located on 2nd floor. The Jaisalmer suit is a pent house like accommodation and gets you a host of facilities-windows on two sides, a private swimming pool on the terrace, dedicated dining area and so on. From the terrace one can view the gardens, staff quarters and havelis.

Unlike Havelis  which are located in a separate complex, Jaisalmer suits are located inside the main Suryagarh building so will facilitate easy access to gym, pool, restaurant and other facilities.

There were two side by side toilet units in the bathroom. Two separate dressing rooms are also offered.

Rack rate for Jaisalmer suite at Suryagarh is about 57000 per night (as shown in Suryagarh website for the date I typed in, may change depending on season etc), check with them for possible discounts. Besides the room, suite guests will get a dedicated butler, who will be happy to pamper the guests with on demand food all through the day. Also if you observe carefully, you will find fine choice of local stones and textures used in design of the Jaisalmer suite.

Check Suryagarh's official page for more details and booking

Jaisalmer and Thar Havelis at Suryagarh

Suryagarh Jaisalmer has 4 haveli units, apparently the most expensive option at the unique boutique hotel. One of them is called Jaisalmer Haveli, which is 2749 sq feet with two bedrooms and the other 3 are called Thar Havelis, about half the size with one bed room. Havelis get dedicated massage room, dining room, pool, sitting area, terrace and other luxury one can think of. You can enjoy maximum privacy here as Haveli complex is slightly away from main Suryagarh building.

Haveli units cost about 90k per day (can accommodate 4 people)

Notice the golden colour plates in Haveli vs regular plates in Jaisalmer suite

Haveli units are carefully designed to offer ultimate luxury in contemporary style, incorporating desert theme and experience as much as possible. When I visited, they were not at their photogenic best. I did some minor post processing by increasing the saturation level in some photos for a sharper appeal.

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