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Studio City Macau in pictures

Studio City in Macau is one of the popular resort campus offering casino, hotel, entertainment and more. Studio city rivals The Galaxy Macao, Venetian and other such mega facilities in attracting tourists and make them spend more n more inside the campus.

The Studio City offers several film production related facilities inside and a series of attractions for tourists. We didn't have time to do a detailed exploration of the place, only managed a quick walk inside and around the building. Studio city campus is gigantic and you need to lift up your head to get full view of the building.

This post only shares a set of pictures I took of this mega structure in Macau. Visiting these resort campuses were not on my agenda initially, but since the buildings were majestic and worth photographing and generic entry is free, we decided to explore them a bit.

Studio City Macau from the outside

One of the main attractions or unique attraction of studio city is the observation wheel in its centre that moves in the shape of 8. We were told this ride costs 100 MOP per person. But as we rejected it and walked away, another person came close and offered to get us ticket for 60 MOP person. Nonetheless it didn't excite us much so didn't try. This will be reverse experience of what you experience in Singapore flyer or London Eye etc
Interior is naturally super grand, but we could only cover a small portion. It is very easy to get lost inside these resorts as entry and exit points are limited. Photography is not allowed in certain areas like Casino floors.
 A scale model of Studio City, Macao
Standby for separate posts on Galaxy Macau, Venetian etc. Like others, Free shuttle is operated by Studio City for the benefit of hotel guests and visitors.


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  3. Great pics and really explained about Studio City Macau in a better way. Appreciated the way of writing as well as the photography..

  4. Looks so huge, must be really nice seeing it in reality!

  5. LOVE THIS PLACEEEEEE!!!! Went in thinking I would come out empty handed but after 3 hours being here I came out winning $300. Talk about luck!!! Friendly environment of online black jack experts, staff is great, parking is perfect……

  6. Great architecture. Should be a delight to click! :) Thanks for sharing Shrini!

  7. Ive always wanted to go here, it looks amazing a mix of modern with old. This is definitely going on my bucket list. That chandelier is huge but gorgeous. Great pictures Shrini!


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