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Skyscrappers in Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong and Macau are densely populated cities, just like our Mumbai. Naturally, ground space is limited and skywards is the only way to go. Skyscrappers are very common. While I observed several apartment complexes that compete with each other in their effort to reach the Moon, one thing I noted was the calmness all around. Despite being heavily populated, there is absolutely no chaos on the road or in and around the high rise buildings. Great emphasis on cleanliness and being orderly is obvious.

I took several pictures of apartment complexes. Nothing great in them as such- all big cities have got them- but somehow having a frame full of windows and AC units and balconies amused me a bit.

Take a look and tell me if you like them. This is what urban life has come to- staying in a matchbox and spending life time of earnings to pay for that one apartment.

Despite having 1000s of houses, the street below are extremely calm, clean and well managed. They do not give any clue about the population density above
  Hong Kong island is filled with high rises- good that some portion is reserved for green spaces
If you thought you are living in the tallest tower, you are mistaken-someone is already plotting a much taller tower

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  1. Amazing what man is capable of creating and enduring.

  2. True. Hope these cities can withstand major earthquakes- if at all they strike

  3. Haha, that is an easy way to see Panorama picture

  4. Fascinating! They look like the "toy buildings" we would put together as children! Not sure if I can live there, though.

  5. @Rashmi Rao.. :) Most of us in cities are living in such places


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