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Bonefish Pond National Park Nassau-Crystal clear mangrove park

I've visited many mangrove forests- one in Pichavaram, few in Thailand and other places. But visiting Bonefish Pond National Park in Nassau, Bahamas was a different experience, because of its crystal clear water. Most mangrove forests I had seen so far had muddy waters unfit to step into. But Bonefish Pond National park has its water so inviting and transparent, it will be very tempting to enter and even try a swim.

 Sparkling and crystal clear water at the Bonesfish Pond National Park, Nassau, Bahamas
Where is Bone Fish Pond National Park?
BoneFish Pond National Park is towards the southern end of Nassau island in Bahamas, about 15 kms from city centre (down town Nassau)

How to reach Bone Fish Pond National Park?
I took bus 16 A which went very close to Bone Fish Pond National Park. While its last stop was on Carmichael road, driver was kind enough to drop me till the entrance of National Park, about 2-3 kms from main road. On the way back I had to walk till main road and then get on a 16A heading towards city.

Kayaking at Bonefish Pond National Park
Kayaking was supposed to be available, but when I visited there was absolutely no one else- no staff, no tourists, no service providers, no taxi etc. I guess not many people visit Bonefish Pond National park and hence it doesn't make sense for staff to be present or service providers to wait. May be with advance booking Kayaking could be arranged. A display says guided tour can be done by appointment.

Swimming is allowed at your own risk- but water was not deep enough for swimming- may be good enough just to take a dip. It is all open area with one small resting area with roof and chairs. Some construction work was going on nearby. I spent about an hour and returned. Overall Bonefish Pond National park is a nice place to visit and relax, just that it is away from city and lacks proper facilities/promotions to attract more tourists to this part of the island.

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  1. Beautiful Images....

  2. I have never been there but I would love to be there. Such a lovely place. Seems you had a great time.

  3. looks very peaceful. i plan to go in a few weeks. thanks for the info now i know there are no kayaks unless you reserve in advance.

  4. looks very very beautiful and these all pictures are fabulous , thanks for sharing.i plan to visit there soon.


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