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Cherry Blossom at Washington DC 2019 Photos

I am yet to write in detail about the Cherry Blossom I witnessed in Japan 3 years ago. At least this time happy to be posting quicker.

My visit to Washington DC accidentally coincided with the cherry blossom season. This year it peaked on April 1st,while I arrived in Washington on April 4th. Few days late but not too late. Thus on my day of arrival and next day I did walk around the town a bit chasing cherry blossom and clicking some pictures. Here's a quick snapshot of best pics.

Where to go for Cherry Blossom trees in Washington?
While there're many official advises on exact spots to go to, I would say go to any green area on the map-parks, monuments, riverside etc and you are very likely to spot cherry blossom trees. Tidel Basin and US Capitol region are two popular places in Washington where there're lots of parks, greenery and of course cherry blossom.

I found lots of them at below places that I visited
-In and around Washington Memorial
-Near US Capitol
-Various random parks and buildings

Above: Cherry blossom with US Capitol in background. Rainy day and overcast sky didn't help much but thankfully it didn't rain too much.
Below: Notice the fallen leaves

 Around Washington Monument
 Two monks enjoying Cherry blossom in Washington DC, Virginia
 Walking under cherry blossom trees is super fun.

I didn't have time to visit Tidel Basin.

How long will the Cherry blossom season last in Washington?
The peak bloom is already over, supposed to be on April 1st. Now the leaves have begun to fall to the ground. Strong winds and rains quicken their fall. Now is already April 6th. Hopefully they will be around for another few days before loosing their charm.

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