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More Macro Photographs of nature and flowers

Visited my hometown last week to attend a wedding and during this visit tried some more macro photographs. This post shares some of those clicks, along with the normal photos. Clicked using an extension tube between the camera and 50mm lens. Check my earlier post on this topic for details.

Touch me not!

The touch me not plant is very common in coastal Karnataka. Its leaves fold when touched and it was a good playing tool for us in childhood. Its flower, it its spherical shape looks nice but is often ignored. Below is a full close-up photo of this flower, beyond what’s obvious when you look at it from a distance.

Normal photo below

Another random plant- I don’t know its name. Took a macro
Normal view

The morning dew: On winter mornings, patches like these are common sighting. Water droplets accumulate on a thin web like layer.

How do they look on close-up? Check below.

Rice Grain (Akshate)

Some flowers: Focusing was very challenging

Overall, I am happy about the 1600 Rs extension tube. I felt it is worth the money, as I didn’t have to spent a lot on proper macro lens. Of course, I miss all the digital control and need to rely fully on manual controls and a lot of luck.
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