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Best of 2016- Most read and most commented!

This post shares most read and most commented blog posts from my blog this year. Also included some of my personal favorites. Selecting these top 30 from 280+ posts published this year has been a task in itself.

Most Read Blog posts on eNidhi India in 2016
1. Malaysia tourist visa for Indians- This post, written after two time experience of applying for Malaysia tourist visa, has been the most read post on my blog this year. Obviously lots of Indians are looking to travel to Malaysia for work and leisure. Many have started commenting their visa questions- myself and other readers are trying to respond to the best of our knowledge.

2. TVS XL 100 I didn't have much expectations from this post when I wrote it- it was a simple intro to new 100 cc 4 stroke version of popular XL moped by TVS motors. But this post also got huge readership. XL is one of the cheapest vehicles we can buy in India and is very popular in rural India.

3. PVR cinemas Rs 10 movie ticket - ever paid in double digits to watch a movie in multiplex? It is possible in Chennai where first two rows are priced at Rs 10 +30 convenience fee + 5 tax. My post on this has been 3rd most popular post this year. Have watched over a dozen movies this year, including Kabali (for which fans paid Rs 1000+ for first day shows) using this cheap option.

4. Curious case of Airtel 4G only recharge Some of Airtel's recharge policies have been defying commonsense- like offering 4G recharge and then charging customer extra because network shifted to 2G or 3G. Wrote about my experience which has got lots of views and comments.

5 Club Mahindra's legal notice to my blog post  The timeshare company sent me a legal notice to which I replied legally. Didn't get any further response thereafter. This post explaining my experience got 1000s of views.

6 Why can't Indians hitchhike like Europeans This post was published in October- towards the end of the year. Had it gone live in Jan it would have probably topped the chart. Details my experience riding with a Polish hitchhiker and wondering why Indians don't solo travel that much like Europeans

7 Interaction with VLCC Founder Vandana Luthra Accidentally got an opportunity to interact with VLCC founder Mrs Vandana Luthra- her inputs on growing VLCC over the years has been inspiring.

8 Plan Andaman trip on budget  Andaman is a beautiful location but expensive flight, stay and local commute often make it more expensive than visiting Bangkok/KL. In this post I have explained cheaper ways to plan your Andaman trip

9 2017 Long weekend calendar This was much needed- Since I didn't find it anywhere, made one on my own and the post became quite popular. Do read and plan your 2017 vacations.

10 Axis Bank ATM Fraud What to do if ATMs give Rs 100 note instead of Rs 500? Read my experience and find out.

Most Commented blog posts
Many of the most commented posts are already listed above as they were also most read ones. Another 6 are given below.

1. SWOT Analysis on completing a decade as a blogger   This post sort of shares man-ki-baat and my assessment of my own blog, after being an active (part time) blogger for over a decade. Many of you have written encouraging comments for which I am very greatful.

2. Suryagarh through my lens - This post contains a set of photographs clicked at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer- mostly the beautiful corners clicked in wide-angle.

3. Dr Ambumani Ramadoss's pitch to be the TN CM-  I was sort of tricked into attending this event, which was meant for welfare of Chennai but proved to be PMK Chief Ramadoss's pitch as to why he should be next CM of TN. Most of this thoughts and points were good and valid, but unfortunately his party didn't win even one single assembly seat in the election.

4. Air Asia Big Sale tricks and tips-  This post helps you make the most of air asia big sales- to book your tickets at cheapest of the fares possible.

5 AC purchase experience: The research that went into identifying right AC capacity and brand is well received.

6 Bare minimum village life in Jaisalmer (17)- This is a very recent post which got good number of comments- showcases an extremely simple and bare minimum lifestyle followed by villagers in Jaisalmer

My additional picks
Below are some of my personal favorites- either because of extensive effort that has gone into these posts or because I feel these posts should have reached more people because of their potential usefulness.

Tata Hexa reviews-the weekend experience in Hyderabad with the soon to be launched SUV from Tata motors, comprehensive coverage via these 4 posts: 4x4 Experience, Comparison with Innova and XUV, Detailed review of Hexa,choosing between Manual and Auto and the Indiblogger meet experience

The Kiradu temple visit- One of the ancient temples of Rajasthan which opened up to public only recently. Was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to explore the same, thanks to Suryagarh 
Historic Kiradu temples in Barner Rajasthan
My experiments with Facebook ad Reading this might help you to plan your facebook ad spend more wisely

Star Pisces overnight cruise experience  - My first cruise experience, read along with Cruise ship vacation FAQs
Things to do in Maldives- complete list

Bali 6 days off beat itinerary - An optimized itinerary to plan your visit to Bali, so as to make the most of your trip with minimum running around.

Thanks for your readership and support as always. Expect another post soon, summarizing my year 2016...


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