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Best cars under 10 lakh

We all have dreams. Dream or a wish, when supported by a realistic plan becomes a goal. Because we have only one life, limited resources and time, we should look at achieving our goals in a smarter way, than using traditional paths which may not really efficient or best. Purchasing a car is the goal of every individual in India. As soon as we land a stable job, we look to buy a car, in most cases on a car loan. What most of us don’t realize is that a car is a depreciating asset. If we buy it on a loan, the interest amount paid will be 30% of loan amount over the period of 5 years (10 lakh loan for 5 years at 10% results in about 3 lakh rupees in interest payment alone, while your car will be worth half its original price five years from now)

A more efficient approach to fulfill life goals, such as buying a car, will be to invest smartly in SIPs or Systematic Investment Plans. SIPs enable you to set aside a pre-defined amount every month and have it invested smartly across multiple investment types – such as debt or equity, based on your risk preference and investment objectives. SIP mutual funds are best way to let your money grow with minimal risk and optimum returns. While there are many mutual funds which claim to be the best SIP plans, one plan you should consider is Sabse Important Plan by Birla Sun Life

There are many good cars under INR 10 lakhs that first time car buyers often consider. Some of them are:

1 Maruti Suzuki Baleno: One of the most popular cars in under 10 lakh budget- beautiful design and premium interiors, reliable engine, good specs and wide after sales service network. Maruti Baleno ticks all the boxes and comes in 5 different variants, priced between 7 and 8.5 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi. Only drawback being long waiting period.

2 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: The MPV to go for, if you have a large family or eyeing weekend trips with your large group of friends.  Ertiga is a great alrounder, priced between 7.7 to 9.7 lakhs ex-showroom.

3. Ford Ecosport: One of the most popular compact SUVs of our times, Ecosport has a great SUV like look, high ground clearance, powerful engine and spacious interiors. Ecosport is a nice lifestyle vehicle for those with adventure in mind

4. Honda Jazz: Honda Jazz is a premium hatchback loaded with features and utilities. Jazz comes with captivating external styling, powerful engine, lots of colour options and automatic transmission. Honda badge commands a premium during resale.
5. Tata Motors Zest: If you are looking for a conventional compact sedan, Zest from Tata Motors is a serious contender. The sub 4 meter compact sedans save on tax but give you a premium feel over hatchbacks. Zest competes fiercely with Maruti Dzire, Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze and the recently launched VolksWagen Ameo.

Now that you have a shortlist of cars you would like to buy, let us see how the best SIP plan helps you materialize the same. Visit and select Car from “What do you wish to invest for”. The website will guide you step by step, taking input on your budget, risk profile, income, % savings and so on. At the end of this, you will be presented with one or more SIP mutual fund options, which in combination will enable you to save the amount you would need to fulfil your dream- in this case, a new car. This way you can set-aside a small sum every month and within years see this fund build up and grow to reach a level that is adequate to fulfil your dream purchases. This approach is lot cheaper and better than the conventional alternative of buying things on a loan. The loan option puts you in unnecessary debt trap and costs you lot more than what you thought it would.


  1. Tiago is probably the best bet in terms of VFM from what I have read up in the hatchback space.

  2. True, but that has on road price of 6-7 laksh. If you can afford 10 then there're better options

  3. I'm curious, is this a sponsored post?

  4. How can we identify whether an article from your blog is sponsored or not?

  5. Thanks Shrinidhi. I really enjoy your blog posts - especially the travel experiences and self drive rental ones. Though I don't comment much, I agree with Vignesh that it might make sense to self-identify sponsored posts. I'm not all against it - will also look into the SIP idea as well since it's recommended by you but it might be helpful to know that it's a recommendation and not an experience.

  6. @Vignesh and Sid- give me a week or two- I guess this needs a separate post- can't answer in a line or two


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