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The bare minimum village life in Jaisalmer

This post shows you the photos of a simplest village house in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. While most of us have our origins in villages or at least have good exposures to villages, the villages in Rajasthan survive on bare minimum stuff. The houses are often too far from each other and lack most amenities we take for granted.

One such village is picturized below- clicked during our quick stop-over during the desert exploration with Suryagarh,

Above: Two tiny houses, that had about 4-6 residents. The women in the house seemed very reluctant when we went close, but as the male visitors stepped aside, they opened up a bit and interacted with female bloggers in the group.

Below: Village people, clicked from a distance (Clarification: one on the right most is NOT a village person- guess who is that?)

Above: Cloth washing area
Below: Cattle shed
Below-left: A tiny storage area
Below right-the cot
Was good to see a small bit of technology reaching these villages- I could see some solar panels and a radio device
 A donkey and a goat
Above photo by Sudha Ganapathy
 We also visited another village on our way to Kiradu
 A Jaisalmer villager
Above: A well that has good amount of sweet water even in peak summer. Unfortunately there are very few of them.
Below: Villagers carrying water on their heads, clicked from a moving car

Above: Village kids
Below: Roof of a village hut in Rajasthan
The camels, when looked upon closely, feel very aged and poorly fed. Spotted a marking on the neck, which I believe is for identification purpose. As I tried going closer, the camel got scared and tried to limp away (its front legs were tied to each other to prevent it from escaping), so I moved back and returned, so as not to scare it further.
Most modern facilities are yet to reach their villages. Over time, they have learned to live in a self sustained way, growing their food locally and with near zero dependency on towns or governments. Of course the times are changing. Village youth are finding employment in cities, bringing better facilities to their homes, but it is still a long way before these remote villages get basic facilities we city people have taken for granted. Suryagarh has good number of people from these villages employed at its botique hotel and also spends good money sponsoring village schools and so on.

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  1. Well captured...the brutal realities of life!

  2. I have an old wish to visit such a place.
    Good the see the village through ur lens.

  3. Wow.. very nicely captured moments.. thanks for showing us the glimpses of these unique villages..

  4. I love the rustic life of Rajasthan...great pictures!

  5. Its good to see solar - the only natural resource in great abundance ,it should be harvested on a bigger scale to benefit the villagers.

    Regarding camels legs being tied ,its really sad but they do similar stuff to cows for the same reason,in the long terms it does affect their legs sometimes damaging them permanently.

    Camels are suited to live under such harsh environment ,they generally survive by grazing shrubs in the desert .

  6. Well captured i love life of rajasthan

  7. I guess I know who is the person on the right! :D

  8. Very beautiful pictures, thanks for share this post here with us.

  9. It is so true that the heart of India lies in its villages. Nice shots.

  10. @mridula- I bet you do

    @Rahul- Thanks

    @pankaz- thanks

    @The wild- Yes. Thanks for your additional inputs. Yes, I have seen cows and goats tied similar way for same purpose

    @harsh Wardhan- Thanks

    @Dco- Thanks

    @Ranjani- Thanks

  11. And yet they are not complaining, extremely hospitable and happy. Lots to learn! Thanks for sharing Shrini!

  12. Beautiful captures Shrinidhi showing us a glimpse of rural life!

  13. @Divsi- Yes.. contend with what they have... simple life.

    @Hema Jain- Thanks.

  14. Very Nice place & pic of Jaisalmer desert. Jaisalmer is the heart of Rajasthan Tourism. Thanks for sharing this beautiful information.

  15. Men with proud moustaches and colorfully dressed Women, Children and Camels are tourism trademark of Jaisalmer. And Rajasthan speaks royal beauty in India.

  16. Jaisalmer may look like a huge pile of rock and sand from the outset, but when you get closer, you will realize what you see on the outer is no match for the beauty and splendor of the city inside and the friendly nature of the people over here.

  17. nice pictures, thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures


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