Saturday, January 30, 2016

TVS XL100 4 stroke- Most affordable moped now more peppier!

When I went to nearby TVS Showroom to service by bike, I spotted the improved version of TVS XL moped. This XL100 was launched in select markets last November (UP) and there was not much news of its launch in other states. May be because of floods in TN, TVS opted to launch this first in a far away state instead of home state of TN. A small moped may not be of much interest to bike/car enthusiasts but this model deserves some attention and publicity because of various reasons.

TVS XL is the most affordable two wheeler in India, at about 33k on road. Any other two wheeler costs about 45k onwards. TVS XL is extremely popular in rural areas among farmers and small businessmen, because of its ruggedness, affordability, easy maintenance and decent fuel economy. There was an even more popular TVS50 that had peddle start- but it was eventually discontinued. Kinetic Luna was also pulled out from the market long ago, Bajaj BYK also didn't hold ground for long, so TVS XL - in its two variants- Heavy Duty and XL super ruled the entry level moped market since decades and is still ruling the same. During my college days, I had a stylish version of XL super, branded as TVS Sport.

But one main disadvantage of XL Super/XL heavy duty was that it had two stroke engine. It meant one had to add 2T oil along with petrol. Today if you go to a fuel station and ask for "100 Rs fuel including oil"- you will get some Rs 86-88 worth petrol and rest will go for a 40 ML 2T oil packet. 2 stroke is also more polluting than 4 stroke.

TVS has done a great job providing XL100 with a more powerful 100 CC 4 stroke engine. This costs about Rs 4000 more than the 2 stroke variant, but the price difference is well compensated by extra power and savings in fuel. Because traditional XL owners are used to adding 2T oil, TVS has added a sticker on the handlebar instructing not to mix 2T oil. With slightly improved power, XL100 is now more peppier and can try to keep up with other 100cc bikes and mopeds. (XL Super had a top speed of 55kmph. Hopefully XL 100 can touch 65)

Fuel tank design is slightly modified- but other than that, absolutely no changes in the design XL is never positioned as style symbol, so it is perfectly fine. Making it more stylish increases cost, compromises on ruggedness, ease of maintenance and its utilitarian values. Nonetheless 2 new colours have been introduced, to mark selling of more than 1 crore mopeds in this series.

Unfortunately side stand, saree guard, ladies handle and luggage hook doesn't come as standard. Customers will have to shell another 1k for these essential accessories. Thus this new moped will cost about 37k to take home while ex-showroom price is pegged at 30k in Chennai.

Another good thing is that XL100 can be called XL100 only, not One Oh Oh like the Mahindras!

My best wishes to the new moped in town!

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Deepak Raju said...

So it's automatic and 4 stroke?

Surely a few activa and entry level bike buyers will consider it.

WRT old time mopeds, my aunts in the 70's had Suvega's. It had a very nicely shaped frame. That was also a pedal pusher.

The TVS 2 strokes have ferocious initial. Many a RX 100 rider has lost face in drag races. Upto 10 meters only though!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@Deepak Raju
Yes, automatic and 4S... Activa buyers are relatively more cash rich people, who may not consider XL100 as it is not very stylish, so I doubt if XL100 will affect activa sales. Let us see

Thanks for sharing your experience

siva said...

Does xl 100 come with self starter?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

No. As far as I know, it is still kick start

Sp Raju said...

Is Now TVS XL 100 also need oil mix with petrol?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Not required.

THey have added sticker to this effect- like DO not mix 2T oil...

Anonymous said...

For TVS XL100cc can add external self start

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Great to know- can you share the cost and where to get that done?

pusala santhosh said...

Does xl 100 come with self

Shrinidhi Hande said...

From what I have seen, No. But this is one year old story. Better to cross check.

Rajnish Sinha said...

Who said it's not stylish. I find it very stylish. In times to come it too will go down as a classic design. Collectors would want it. Yes the initial is even better. As @Deepak Raju said, this time it can lead an rx100 in a 13-14 mtr dash.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Sure. Styling is a matter of personal choice