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Best place to stay 'INSIDE' Singapore's Changi Airport!

This post is not about hotels in Singapore. This post is not about hotels 'near' Singapore airport. This post is about Hotel/accommodation options INSIDE the Changi Airport, Singapore. If you have a long transit and do not want to spend all your time in public areas of transit section and if you can afford to spend 50-100 Singapore dollars, then you can book yourself into some of the luxurious stay options inside Changi Airport.

This post explores some of the stay options inside Changi Airport. All of these facilities operate 24x7 but please note that none of these facilities will alert you about your flight- you should be sure to check the gate and time status of your flight once a while so as to ensure that you reach your gate on time.

Plaza Premium Lounge in T1

Plaza Premium Lounge in  T1 is a great place to relax- it offers unlimited free food (alcoholic beverages chargeable), different kind of seating areas to suit your needs- open seats, seats with more privacy, VIP rooms etc. Plaza Premium Lounge has tie up with several airlines, credit card firms and other corporate- so you are likely to get some discounts or even free access if you happen to be associated with one of those brands (Refer picture below) Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore doesn’t seem to have full size private rooms like the Ambassador transit hotel, but it has sleeping areas called "Private Resting Suite".

Plaza Premium lounge basic 5 hour access costs SGD 58 (includes shower, food and sitting areas). 10 hour access costs  SGD105, inclusive of all taxes.

If you want to sleep flat, then private resting suite costs SGD 75 (3 hours of sleeping cabin + 3 hours of access to rest of the lounge. If you just want to use shower, you can do so by paying 16 SGD. You can also try a leg or head and shoulder massage. Besides all these, there is great view of the runway, lots of charging points for your devices, supply of wide range of magazines to keep you occupied. Friendly staff can get you a coffee or snacks on demand, you can also help yourself with a range of food, including a live counter where items will be readied for you on demand.

One disadvantage I could see is the size of the suite or sleeping room- seems a bit tight. If your intention is to just sleep the entire duration, then you are better off with a room at Ambassador transit hotel. If you are interested in pool then you should consider the hotel near the Pool in T1. Otherwise, Plaza lounge is a great choice. Plaza runs lounges in several airports across the world.

Other options- Ambassador Transit Hotel in T2 and T3
There are transit hotels each in each of the 3 terminals- T2 and T3 transit hotels are managed by by one company under the brand Ambassador. One in T3 is little expensive (rates shown below) as it was recently renovated. I also walked in to Ambassador transit hotel in T2- it was cheaper at about 35 SGD for 3 hours. But below rate is only for lounge usage. If you want full room, then it costs from SGD 55 (budget room, 1 person) to SGD 135 (triple room) for 6 hours. (Details here), which gets you a decent private room with basic refreshments, shower, internet and Television facilities.
Aerotel Transit Hotel in T1
Aerotel manages the transit hotel in T1. Uniqueness of T1 transit hotel is the outdoor Swimming pool. If you book a room,you get free access to pool.
Else you can even buy pool access separately for 17 SGD. Besides the pool, you can also access Gym and a spacious library- shown in below picture. Pool is closed from midnight to 6 AM.
Of course most of the popular airlines- Qantas, Singapore Airline, Emirates etc have their own lounges inside the airport- often accessible to Business and first class passengers or for frequent flyers.

On average, for about 50 to 100 SGD budget you can have a very comfortable stay inside Changi airport. If you wish to step out, then there's Crowne Plaza that you can consider.

You can refer Changi's official website for more details.  Other unique facilities at Changi airport covered in this post.


  1. No plane departure display information inside is one of the most bizzare things i have heard ,every shop inside the terminal has this display to encourage passengers to spend time at their shop and put them at ease.

  2. Sorry, may be I was not clear enough.
    THere is display of flight timings in the lounge.

    What I meant is, you can't tell the reception- I have a flight in 5 hours, I am going to sleep, wake me up after 4 hours or if flight timing changes, let me know...

    You need to periodically keep an eye yourself.


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