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Butterfly garden at Changi Airport Singapore

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Butterfly Garden is one of the many gardens inside Changi International Airport. During my previous visits, I couldn't take proper photos because it was evening/night. This time, part of Changi Challenge, I got to visit the butterfly garden again.

Below are some pictures of the butterflies and the garden I managed to click. Our challenge was to click as many of them and share on social media. But I couldn't transfer pics from Nikon immediately for sharing purpose-should buy a model that supports WiFi.. (I have a transend WiFi SD card but it doesn't work)

The butterfly garden campus is about 3 stories high and has a mini waterfall and lots of trees. Information about butterfly life is also explained for the benefit of visitors.

Do not miss the butterfly garden when at Changi...

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  1. Never thought of checking out these gardens, cos I slip in and out with my toddler, but guess i should the next time around :-)


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