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Gediminas tower, Vilnius and view of town

Gediminas is a historic tower in the heart of Vilnius city, capital of Lithuania. This tower is visible from some distance and out of curiosity I went up to it. Reaching the foot of Gediminas tower requires climbing a tiny hill and is good exercise. Once at the base of the tower, There was a 2 Euro entry fee and I went inside the tower.

Best attraction of visiting Gediminas tower in Vilnius is the view of town one can see from there. Apart from that, tower houses a few artefacts showcasing historic significance. Below photos share the view from top of Gediminas tower. Some audio visuals are also displayed. Bell tower is another vantage point in Vilnius from where one can enjoy great views of Vilnius.
View of city from the top of Gediminas tower is amazing. Below pic shows Neris river and Lithuania National Museum campus

Among other things, the tower reportedly holds significance as symbol of Lithuania’s independence. If you control this tower, it symbolizes your victory over the city. Lithuania was formerly part of USSR and eventually and became independent after dissolution of USSR. Flag of Lithuania was re-hoisted on Gediminas tower on 7th October 1988 to symbolize its reclaim.

If you go there right now, everything is covered in snow. Below is a pic taken from drone (Not my click, sourced from this BBC article)
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