Friday, October 30, 2015

The Russian Orthodox Church of St Nicholas, Vilnius

Russian Orthodox church of St Nicholas was a small church I casually explored in Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania. It is very small but interiors are very different from other other churches I have seen.

The Russian Orthodox Church of St Nicholas is full 7 centuries old, though it received occasional renovation. This is one of the oldest Orthodox churches in the world (More about Orthodox concept here)
As I went inside, there was a signage that prohibited photography. It was not clear if photography is prohibited or flash alone is banned (many places allow photography without flash). So I asked a lady inside the church (she was manning a counter that sells stuff like candles and lamps that devotees purchase for use in religious practices) if I can click. She signaled 'Fine' and I took some pictures.

St Nicholas church is very small church, near the the Vilnius Town hall.  Worth few minutes I spent on it.

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Arun Prasadh said...

Interiors look nice

Navin Mathew said...

The first image won the plot!
You really framed it well.

Swati & Sam said...

Good that you asked or else you might have missed capturing the interiors of Church..

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@Swati- True

@Navin and Arun- thanks

Teny said...

Lovely photos of the church :)