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Lithuanian Aviation Museum, Kaunas

On my second day in Kaunas, after getting up to Aleksoto viewpoint, I walked further to an Aviation Museum, because map showed that there is a museum related to aviation. (Map also showed there is a museum related to automobile, but when I went close, gate felt like a junk yard, so didn't bother further)

I walked a few kms and came to the entrance of Aviation Museum of Lithuania. It was Sunday morning 9.30 AM. At the entrance there was so sign of people. There was no display indicating if the museum is open to public or not. Not knowing if it would ever open, I walked around the campus. I could see old planes from across the fence.
 An old helicopter, with its tail and rotors gone!

 A memorial for airforce staff who perished in various wars
Some tiny aircrafts and stuff- may be for kids
The only respite was this small plane flying around. Probably someone is getting trained- this plane did several rounds around the museum, which also has a small runway. It would land and immediately take off for another round. Reminded me of my Zenair microlight aircraft adventure in Bengaluru.
So that is the story of Lithuanian Aviation Museum- without having to buy a ticket, without museum being open and without any information about it, above is what I could spot. Not sure what all are inside the small building- may be some more exhibits and information.

Map also said there is a botanical garden nearby.I started walking towards it, but after sometime changed my mind and went to 9th fort.

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