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Bergen, Norway: View from Mount Ulriken, Bergen's highest point

You have seen view of Bergen, Norway from up above in this previous post. While that was from top, I also went to the highest point around Bergen, a place called Mount Ulriken.

This place is connected via a Cable car. At the top there's a restaurant, a communications tower and lots of walking trails. Mount Ulriken viewpoint gives about 180 degree view of entire Bergen city.

Mount Ulriken is about 643 meters from sea level. It is very cold on the top, often coupled by fast moving wind.

What you see below is central bus terminal building of Bergen

View of a football stadium
The ulriken cable car
Walking trails
Left side view
Reaching Ulriken from Bergen city:
Option 1: Most convenient option is to buy a 245 NOK (Approx Rs 2300) ticket from various tourist centres in Bergen city. This entitles you to a bus ride from city centre to bottom of cable car station, return ride to Ulriken in cable car and trip back to city centre in bus. This bus runs once in 30 minute, so you may have to wait. Also this combi ticket is 100 NOK more expensive than cable car return ticket.
Option 2: City bus + Cable car:
For about 90NOK, you can buy a full day unlimited ride daily pass ticket for Bergen's public transportation. This will be cheaper than buying combi ticket explained above and will also let you travel around to other spots in Bergen. But this option will require a bit of uphill walking. Take bus (2, 3, 12 etc) to Haukeland hospital stop and from there walk up to Cable car starting point.

Cable car round trip ticket costs 145 NOK. Some people buy one way ticket to up and then trek all the way down, which is also a nice option if you have the time and motive to trek a bit.  (one way is 80 NOK).
I opted for Option 2. Missed getting down at right stop, went further up and then walked back a few kms to reach starting point.


  1. Seems a lovely place to visit, who knows in future maybe ? Maybe I will seek your guidelines for pulling off a backpacking trip. Thanks for updates

  2. I like the passion with which you show us the scenes.

  3. We had a similar experience at Langkawi cable car (have not posted about it yet). Your post is informative for us aspiring travelers. Nice pics there too. :)

  4. @Indrani.. thanks for the complements

    @Roohi: Thanks. Do write about Langkawi.. haven't gone to that part of Malaysia

  5. hi,
    such a nice post, photo is really good click view and thanks for this this good post...


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