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Blogger News snippets- contests, campaigns, causes and more

Like most other bloggers I keep receiving several emails about events and launches and contests from PR agencies who expect us to carry it out on our blog. But without a personal experience just dumping official version on our readers doesn't make sense, so these releases are often ignored.

However occasionally there may be things that can be of potential use to our readers. In this post I am giving brief summary of various events, contests and other releases that came to my attention and I felt it might be of interest/use to some of my readers.

1. Aircel "You are the Power of We" blogging contest
Aircel has long associated with tiger conservation and to celebrate success of significant increase in tiger population in India, they are holding a contest.

Bloggers are required to write a post about importance of tigers and how common man can contribute to tiger conservation. There are no guaranteed payout but 5 winners will get all expense paid trip to Bandipur National Park, Nov 2-4 next month. More details in below pictures.

Unfortunately these are week days and I am not in a position to ask for another 3 days leave, so I have to skip this.

Read my interview with Brinda Malhotra, Aircel's Head of CSR about their involvement in Tiger conservation program. It will surely give you some ideas for the contest entry. Last date is tomorrow, 25th October 2015.

2. Visit Kerala campaign by Kerala tourism.
Kerala tourism has launched a bid based tourism package booking scheme. You have been eyeing on a Kerala trip but pulled down by cost factor, you can try your luck. Using their facebook app or Android app, you can bid your amount for a package and person with lowest unique bid will be awarded the package (this means you should think of a number cheap enough and hope that no one else quotes same amount. My first thought was that highest bidder will get the package)

3. Mahindra World City Run, 30th October
Mahindra World City, an industrial town on the outskirts of Chennai is hosting their annual run, in support of Nanhi Kali. Nanhi Kali is an NGO that works to improve lives of underprivileged girl child. Starts on 30th October, 3PM and is of very short distance- 3.5kms only, for which you need to travel 50kms one way from city. Nonetheless, if you would like to support a cause or need an excuse to run, here it is.  

4. Indiblogger BNLF Meet
Didn't get any PR mail on this, but this Indiblogger hosted meet in Mumbai next weekend seems promising with lots of prominent speakers. Bloggers can apply for free pass here  Outstation guests need to travel with their own money,but accommodation may be arranged courtesy StayZilla.

I might just be attending this one.
Disclaimer: Please read terms and conditions of all above contests/campaigns before getting involved. I will not be responsible if there're any miscommunication or misinterpretation. Also organizers may change terms or details of the contest at their will. I am only sharing what I received sometime back.


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