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Online gift shopping at Ferns N Petals (

Festival season ahead and it is also a time for gifts to our loved ones. For those of us pressed for time, selecting a gift-the right gift- is a challenging task. Gifts should impress the person receiving it, should last long, must be unique and fit in our budget. Heading out to a gift shop is a time consuming process and we won’t know if the shop will have the items that we have in our mind. Often we postpone gift purchasing till last minute and eventually struggle to pickup something in time, resulting in compromised experience.

Ferns N Petals is one easy to use website when it comes to gifts. Be it birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion that warrants a celebration, has good collection of flowers, cakes, chocolates, plants and a range of customized gifts to select from.

When it comes to Birthday Gifts, I liked their customized cushion options. Personalized lamps and mugs are other good options on FNP. The ability to customize with your loved one’s name and picture makes the gift very unique and special to the person receiving it. Such gifts will also be handled very carefully and preserved longer, compared to other generic gifts.

Do not miss to check out Ferns N Petals’ caricature section. A pencil sketch of your loved ones makes an excellent item on the walls.

Also lookout for city specific deals on ferns and petals site. Eco friendly gifts and premium gifts are other categories worth browsing around before you finalize your gift item.

Ferns N Petals website also has a blog section with relevant articles from resident contributors
FNP also has same day delivery if ordered in time- that is a great option because gifts lose their significance if not delivered at right time.

FNP has been in business since over 2 decades specializing in flowers and bouquets. Ferns N Petals is world's biggest floral and gifting network with their own retail outlets in all major cities and towns across India, which helps them deliver the gifts within 4 hours of ordering online. Besides online presence, FNP has strong offline presence too- 194 outlets in 74 cities in India and also caters to 155 countries worldwide. And in line with current trend, FNP also has android apps for smartphone shopping. Having offline presence is a good thing compared to pure play online shops. Ferns N Petals also cater to wide range of corporate and social events.

So, what are you gifting this season?


  1. I had heard about this, never tried. Now FNP will be my choice to choose gifts for my loved ones

  2. So what did you buy, Srinidhi? From what little you wrote, it appears you did not purchase anything but now want your readers to shell out. Why not put your money where your mouth is and start shopping too?

  3. An online portal offering so much is quite surprising with such positive reviews, surely going to try some of it with the upcoming festivals. Loved your blog and thanks for sharing this.


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